Works by gay artists

We wanted to collect some gay art that we like, especially to decorate the B&B. They are distributed around the building, in the different rooms, corridors, living and dining room.

It is a pleasure for us to admire them. We hope our guest enjoy them and even purchase them because they are on sale. You can find more info at reception.

Nowadays we have artwork from Javier Benítez ToyosJavier GuijarroDaniel Pernas, Javier Malo, Enrique Toribio and Salem Beiruti. As our aim is to collect more, if you are interested on exhibit your work please, contact with us.

We love Javier Guijarro’s drawings, the express sensuality and sexuality at first sight and they are fantastically drawn. In his blog you can see his wide and incredible artwork: You can also follow him on instagram: @javier_guijarro_artist and Facebook.


The portraits are from Javier Benitez Toyos. We love his paintings. The composition and the use of the color is quite peculiar. You can follow him on Facebook and Instagram: @pintor_javierbeniteztoyos. In his blog you will find his great artwork:  


The nude paintings are from Daniel Pernas. His exquisite technique and the use of the light and human proportions are awesome. We love his work too. You can follow him on Instagram: @daniel_pernas and in his web


Some photographs are from Javier Malo. We love the possibility of including different disciplines within the gay art, and we like his work very much. You can follow him on Instagram: @javier_malofacebook or his web:

We have also photographs from Enrique Toribio. He creates prefect scenes for his shootings and his work is beautiful.  

We wanted to add also graphic designed artwork, as part of the work we like and want to share with our guest. Salem Beiruti is a great example of this discipline. We have several works done through real photographs that only guests in room number 1 can enjoy. 

Hope you like all of them.